Louis Sahagun’s controversial piece in the LA Times called out old stakeholders, conflicts over water, and stoked a response by LADWP to “Correct the Record.”  His article mentions the coalitions and conflicts between land managers, environmentalists, ranchers, local governments, and concerned citizens who each hope to protect the area or at least their interests in its water. Louis covers contentious topics in environmental and land use issues, and has started a new media sparring match with or without LADWP’s blessing.

Read the LA Times piece here:  https://www.latimes.com/environment/story/2021-01-30/ladwp-ends-free-water-for-long-valley-ranchers-due-to-climate-change-but-imperils-sage-grouse-habitat-critics-say

Read Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s response here: https://www.ladwpnews.com/correcting-the-record-regarding-louis-sahaguns-los-angeles-times-piece-ladwps-relationship-with-mono-county-ranchers/

The coalition plans to write a letter responding to LADWP’s characterization, and the issues raised in the LA Times article.


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