How the Urban Water Management Plan can Keep Long Valley Green

Los Angeles is aggressively lowering their water consumption through successful conservation programs. We plan to advocate for these water savings to benefit Long Valley in the next water planning cycle.

This campaign is currently under construction.

What’s happening?

LADWP is updating their plans for urban water management. The Keep Long Valley Green consulting with experts and identifying key decision makers to ensure gains in conservation are applied to reduce water drained from the Eastern Sierra.

A subject expert, Martha Davis, is researching and compiling information, and the coalition plans to have a formal action alert available in the first week of April 2021. Please check back soon…

Please email with any questions.

“Ironically, the amount of water potentially to be gained by the City of Los Angeles as a result of removing historic irrigation in southern Mono County is but a tiny fraction of the City’s annual water needs. This water could be easily replaced through environmentally sound management and water supply practices, such as those described in Mayor Eric Garcetti’s LA’s Green New Deal Sustainability Plan 2019” -Mono County  Press Release 3/25/2021