Operation Next

The joint project from LADWP and LASAN aims to recycle 100% of wastewater from Los Angeles users. This presents a great opportunity to reduce LADWP’s dewatering and water importing program. Learn More about the Operation Next, LA Sanitation and Environment (LASAN), and the environmental review process a the Operation Next website.

Plans include injecting treated wastewater to replenish local aquifers while mixing the highest quality treated water with the freshwater supply for city residents.  See an entertaining feature from MSNBC where hosts sample the water, and interview Mayor Garcetti about the project here….


Take Action – Leverage Operation Next to Protect the Eastern Sierra

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (LADWP) heard from the public about what should be addressed in the Operation NEXT Programmatic Environmental Impact Report.  The coalition requested that LADWP explicitly state that its preferred alternative for imported water be purchasing water from Metropolitan Water District (MWD) as opposed to continuing to drain the Eastern Sierra. Comments closed May 14, 2021 for the initial scoping; however, the coalition will advertise opportunities and organize comments for future environmental reviews of the project. Make sure you join the KLVG email list to receive updates. The Keep Long Valley Green Coalition applauds Los Angeles’ conservation efforts, and will continue to advocate for these water savings to benefit the ecosystems of the Eastern Sierra.

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